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A DUI conviction has serious penalties….including long term consequences for your driver’s license, sky-high car insurance rates, employment consequences, and a criminal record.

You are at this website because you or a family member need help with their DUI case.

Our team of experienced DUI attorneys help people everyday.

You’ve just been charged with DUI. Don’t assume that you’re going to be convicted because you didn’t do well on the field sobriety tests, or tested well over the legal limit.

My name is Joe Suhre – I’m the principal of Suhre & Associates and manage a team of experienced Louisville DUI lawyers. And DUI defense is all this law firm does. We help hundreds of people every year after they’ve been arrested for DUI.

Our Louisville DUI Attorneys include a former County Prosecutor, a former State Prosecutor, a former Federal Prosecutor, and a former Police Officer.

What that means to you is this…

We’ve formed solid working relationships with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and courts in the Louisville area – and that can mean all the difference in the world with your DUI case because it can give you a unique advantage when we defend you in court.

Here’s what we’ll do for you when you put us to work…

We’ll first obtain the evidence and evaluate it to locate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case.

We’ll question whether the officer had the right to even stop you.
We’ll question how the standardized field sobriety tests were administered.
And we’ll evaluate how the Breath Test – or other chemical tests were administered.

We’ll do whatever we need to do so you can avoid a DUI conviction in Louisville.

Once we have evaluated the evidence and explained the factual and legal defenses to you, we’ll work as a team to build our strongest defense.

If the case merits a motion to dismiss, a motion to suppress, or a trial – we’ll prepare for it. If not, and we have to work towards a reduction of the charge or mitigating a sentence, we’ll then focus on minimizing – or even eliminating – the effect the DUI will have on your driving privileges. After all, it’s tough to stay employed if you can’t drive. And we’ll address the other issues that come with a DUI as well.

Whether you are a college student, business owner, blue-collar worker, or executive….quick, professional DUI defense is the only way to minimize the impact a DUI in Louisville will have on your life.

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